Yoga is a Sanskrit word which has many meanings, but the key point is “connection”. Yoga is a system of knowledge that promotes improvement of human physical perfection and the purity of the soul. Connection with your inner world, with nature and the people around you. Yoga is a science, not just a sport, as it is often interpreted in different sources. Yoga’s base doesn’t have and cannot have any connection with Buddhism, Hinduism or with other religious systems. This style of yoga called “Ashtanga Yoga”, which again comes from Sanskrit, means “Eight Stage Yoga”. It is a very large and complex system of physical, mental and spiritual aspects, which strengthens the human with the help of body postures (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama), concentration exercises (Meditation) and many other means of self-recognition. One of the main characteristics of this system is that the more you approach it, the more pleasant becomes the process full of great adventurous moments.